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Femdom Virtual World Community




Welcome to Avalonia - The Premier Femdom virtual world community in the Open Metaverse.

Avalonia is a dedicated Femdom (Female Domination) community based in the OpenSim virtual world Metaverse.  A place where Ladies and gentlemen from around the world can come together and experience Femdom - from the mild to the extreme - in a safe, consensual and fun environment.

Whether you are an experienced lifestyle Mistress or submissive, or someone who is just curious about this lifestyle, you are very welcome in Avalonia Femdom virtual world community.

We understand that Femdom can mean many things to many people.  Most people when they hear the word “Femdom” conjure images of Ladies dressed in black leather, thigh high boots and carrying a whip. This is certainly one valid form of “Femdom” - but it isn’t the only one.  For us we consider Femdom to be anything where Females are empowered and are in a position of authority, and exercise power and control over males.  In Avalonia Femdom virtual world community our motto is “Girls Rule”. Therefore we expect all male members to show suitable respect and submit to Female authority whilst active in the community.  Ladies, if you want to add a bit of excitement to your everyday life without having to leave your home or spend a fortune, Avalonia is a place you can come and escape to and where you will be treated like the Goddess you are!

We hold weekly gatherings, erotic readings, dances, classes discussions and more.  So whether you are looking to meet an online partner, make friends, have some naughty fun, or are simply curious - Avalonia Femdom virtual world community is the place to begin.