Avalonia Estate is also available on the OpenSim HyperGrid

 HyperGrid Address - hg.avalonia-estate.co.uk:8002

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Femdom Virtual World Community



About Us - Avalonia Estate Management Team

Justin Ireman                  

Head Boy

Hi, I am Justin. I am the technical administrator of Avalonia Estate Grid/Avalonia Estate Regions in OSG. I make sure the grid and regions are running and deal with all the technical side of things, I am also Head Boy.

Currently there are no Mistresses in the Aval

Lady of Avalonia


Lady of Avalonia

Avalonia Estate is the Premier and ONLY fully dedicated Femdom virtual world community in the Metaverse.  The whole of our grid/Regions are dedicated to the Femdom lifestyle.  

We wanted to establish a place where Women from all backgrounds and walks of life can come to explore and experience the Femdom lifestyle first hand, and yet be in a place where they are safe, welcomed and not be constantly harassed by sexually aggressive men.  

Our community currently resides on OSGrid (www.osgrid.org) where we are available on the Opensim HyperGrid to visitors from any HyperGrid enabled Opensim world.  Our goal is to develop and grow our community in OSGrid.  Once we reach a reasonable size of regular committed users, we will return our Regions back to Avalonia Estate Grid where we will be able to develop our community further.  Once this happens we will of course remain available on the HyperGrid for visitors.

Avalonia Estate Regions and grid is based in Europe - we are headquartered in the United Kingdom, with our servers are physically located in the UK.  We lease and manage our own server hardware, and so are not reliant on a third party provider to manage any technical issues for us - which ensures a quick response if things go awry.

Contact Details - If you would like to get in contact please us the “Contact Us” link at the top of our website, or you can leave a message on the number below.

Telephone - 0044 1622 360828

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