Avalonia Estate is also available on the OpenSim HyperGrid

 HyperGrid Address - hg.avalonia-estate.co.uk:8002

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If you need help or support, the videos below may answer your questions, so please check them first.  

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Video Description


Singularity Viewer - Basic Tutorial

How to set-up the viewer to connect to Avalonia Estate, and a general overview of how to use the basics of the viewer.


First Login Tutorial - Setting Up Your Avatar

Talks you through your first login to Avalonia Estate, and how to set-up your avatar.


AE Teleporter Terminal

How to use the in-world AE Teleporter Terminals to get around.


Unpacking, Rezzing and Wearing Items

Shows you how to unpack and rezz items you have acquired using our unpacking areas.


Set-Up Your OMC Virwox Currency Account

How to set-up your Virwox OMC currency account and link it with your in world avatar.


Purchasing Items In World Using Currency

How to purchase items in world, even if you don’t have a Virwox account - including for HyperGrid visitors


Using TeamSpeak3 Voice

How to use the TeamSpeak3 voice client to chat with other residents of Avalonia Estate.


Building Tutorial

Basic in-world building tutorial.


HyperGrid Purchases From Kitely Market

How to purchase items from the Kitely Market