Avalonia Estate is also available on the OpenSim HyperGrid

 HyperGrid Address - hg.avalonia-estate.co.uk:8002

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Femdom Virtual World Community



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Avalonia is a dedicated Femdom virtual world Community currently located within Avalonia Estate OpenSim Virtual World grid. However we are open on the public HyperGrid and so to join us, you need to apply for a FREE account with OSgrid or Metropolis, or any number of Hyper Grid enabled public OpenSim grids.

By doing so you agree to abide by their ToS (Terms of Service) and acceptable user policies.  Avalonia has no official ties or links with with any public OpenSim grids, their administration or ownership beyond simply being able to HyperGrid Teleport from these public virtual worlds.  Avalonia does not have any control over any user accounts or user created content within these other public OpenSim grids.

Once you have an account with OSGrid or Metropolis (or any other public OpenSim grid) simply open the map window and copy and paste in this text in the search box hg.avalonia-estate.co.uk:8002  and then hit the ‘Teleport’ button to be teleported to our welcome area.

By visiting us on the HyperGrid, or wishing to be part of our community, you are accepting and agreeing to be bound by Avalonia Terms of Service (ToS) agreement, and you are confirming that you accept this agreement in full, and that you are over the age of 18 years in real life.

You also accept that Avalonia is an adult Femdom virtual world community.  By applying to join us you accept and agree to abide by our Femdom lifestyle values - which for simplicity sake, we will define as Dominant Females and submissive males (and submissive females for those who like to submit to other Women)  Avalonia DOES NOT accept or tolerate Male dominance in any form anywhere on our regions.  Click Here to view our ToS agreement

If you have read the ToS agreement and wish to proceed with your account registration, click “Proceed” below, else use the navigational links above to leave the page.


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